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The Legacy of Comfort Lamptey in Nigeria

By Aderonke Ogunleye-Bello

“Good afternoon, how are you doing? so sorry for keeping you waiting, I was busy with other pressing issues in my office,” with a large smile, Ms Lamptey tells me. Well, I smiled back and quickly introduced myself and team members. That was the time they newly moved back to UN House from WAEC building, I recall.

At the meeting, we talked about women’s involvement in peace processes, gender equality and other things surrounding the women’s cause – she proudly emphasised on the works they are doing for women and girls, especially in the Northeast, illustrating with a map on the wall of her office.

Time later revealed Ms Lamptey as a trail blazer, a lady that is loved across board, emotionally intelligent with passion for her work. Highly cerebral, easy-going, a true and thorough professional.

I recall an uproar and harsh criticisms from some quarters concerning a decision made by her office last year and how she gracefully handled the issue without any kind of drama is highly commendable. I envy her comportment which can only be as a results of years of experience, personal training and personae – the calmness that could be likened to a duck working under the water yet looking so relaxed on the surface.

One of the remarkable things is her effort and ability to support small and active NGOs, she gives listening ears and intentionally makes herself available to advise whenever she’s chanced. Unlike what we have experienced in the past, she has given a lot of small NPOs that confidence and reassurance while working closely with more established and big NGOs. She helps smaller NGOs to thrive and support with as little as IEM materials. You can only leave her with a smile, even a no will be said in the most reassuring way.

Lamptey is politically correct and committed to the Nigerian Women.
There is a high level of unity amongst the women folks working in the frontline of gender cause in Nigeria, thanks to her efforts and willingness to make it a possibility. Not leaving anyone behind, her networking game is top-notch, influencing policies and bills nationally, she played a big role in the passage of the VAPP act bill that was signed into law by many governors in Nigeria.

Ms Lamptey was at the forefront of advocacy against Gender Based Violence, very busy during the lockdown when GBV was rife. Young women in politics get more recognition, acceptance and support through the great works from her office. An ardent team player who believes so much in the younger generation.

She is an all-inclusive woman, who carries along women with disabilities. More women from the PWDs community have benefitted greatly under her watch, as she ensures they are empowered.

The UN Women Match-Women Shadowing Scheme exclusively set up to mentor young women leaders was very successful and I have been seeing beneficiaries of that initiative doing well for themselves. Comfort Lamptey is the one you can proudly call, ‘Mama for the girls’

Thank you for loving Nigerians and your commitment to Nigerian Women and Girls.

Thank you for the genuine sisterhood and professionalism.Thank you for embracing Sports advocacy for Development. Thank you for agreeing to serve as Assistant Referee in commemoration of women’s day in 2019 – you look cute in those referee kits, sis!

Thanks for loving women with disabilities genuinely.
Thank you for supporting and believing in me and FAME Foundation, thank you giving us a chance.

It’s only time that will tell if she is replaceable or not. Ms Comfort, our charming and delectable sister from Ghana, you shall be greatly missed.
Your impactful legacy will continue to yield good results because they are sustainable, be rest assured.

Nigerian women and girls will miss you. I will miss your infectious smile!!!

Fare thee well and thrive, Comfort Lamptey. Best wishes in your future endeavours.

An opinion of Aderonke Ogunleye-Bello, award-winning Nigerian journalist, Author, Gender Advocate and CEO of FAME Foundation. She writes from Abuja, Nigeria


Oluchi Tobe-Chukwu

Oluchi Tobe-Chukwu popularly known as tobex is the Vice chairman of Sports writers Association of Nigeria , lagos Chapter. She Is also the Media Spokesperson of the Super Falcons of Nigeria. She is an award winning women's football writer. Tobex is also an ex footballer that was privileged to play in the first NFF organised women's league in 1990 as a player of Hamza Queens. Her last club as an active footballer was Ibom Angels as She paved way to further her education years ago. She is a Federal Government scholar , with a degree in Mass communication, a second degree in Public Relations and Advertising (Communication Studies). She is a Wife and Mother.

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