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NWFL Club Owners Association purported elections is illegal; Due process not followed – Dupe Shabi

The Nigeria Women Football League has expressed shock on the letter written by the Club Owners Association, dated July 22, to inform the Secretariat of the Nigeria Women Football League of their purported elective meeting on July 21.

In a letter signed by the NWFL Chief Operating Officer, Modupe Shabi, to the Chairperson of Delta Queens Football Club of Asaba, responding to the letter titled Re:Introduction of new Executive Council members of the NWFL Club Owners Association, reads:

“I have been directed by the Chairperson of the Nigeria Women Football League to inform you that, the process of elections into the office of the Executive Council of the Club Owners Association of the NWFL, as you are aware includes notification of the NWFL Secretariat so that it can perform it’s statutory right to monitor the process and conduct of the election.

“Please note that NWFL has no evidence that the election of the Executive Council of the NWFL that you reportedly held followed this process.”

The letter continued: “The NWFL refers you to the process that produced the Executive Council that was duly elected in Enugu in 2020. The NWFL monitored and supervised that election and the Executive Council from the Enugu election is the one the NWFL recognises until the due process of conducting a proper election is followed and the NWFL notified to monitor the process.

“Accept the assurances of our regards,” the letter signed by the Chief Operating Officer of the Nigeria Women Football League, Modupe Shabi, reads.

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