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Okiah Chukwuka Emerges Highest Goal Scorer, Best player in Faraway Tajikistan

Okiah Chukwuka has emerged as the highest goal scorer and the best player in Tajikistan Division 2 league.
Okiah scored 16 goals, 5 assists in 11 matches for Pokiza Football Club. He also had the honour of being the Best player on the pitch on 4 different occasions, It was though not a surprise that he surpassed all other players in the league to win the Best player.

The Ex Chykap International Football Club player from Nigeria also had a stint with Athletic Darje SC in Uzbekistan in 2020.
The dogged and bullish player is an attacker and can also operate from the flanks. He is comfortable with both foot but has greater power in the left foot.

” It is a steady and Progressive growth for me and in due time my value and potential will be unveiled in a bigger league”, Okiah exclusively told

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